clean & intentional


for the driven business owner

clean & intentional


for the driven business owner

clean & intentional


for the driven business owner

The Process

Define + Design

Establish your brand - your mission, audience, brand voice, colors, inspirational imagery, etc. Based on your input, your website is built with a layout that is not only optimal for SEO, but is also appropriate for your audience.

Strategize + Align

We mold the website copy to appropriately align with your brand voice. Then we add sprinkle some marketing spice in there to draw people in. And while we’re at it, we integrate some SEO keywords in there to help your ranking.

Implement + Support

Get all the materials you need to build anticipation for the new launch in addition to the support you need for future growth such as pricing strategy, product management, social media management and more.



Take a deep dive into the mission and motives of your business in order to develop your brand voice. Then, we'll create a brand that tells your story in the most beautiful and compelling way.

Web Design

Eye-catching web design is essential to get your dream customers' attention. We'll execute a meticulous strategy in addition to a stunning layout so that site visitors become customers.

Graphic Design

Continue your brand's journey with irresistible graphic design materials to make your business memorable. Business materials include: business cards, flyers, online collateral, print media, and more.

About the Owner

I’m Keri Barnett, Founder of Barnett Marketing Solutions LLC. I support my clients in fostering emotional bonds with their audience through brand design and messaging.

Having extensive professional experience across all stages of product development and distribution, I implement the knowledge and insight necessary to design brands and websites that not only resonate with businesses but also create impactful digital experiences that drive engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, business success.

Super Satisfied Clients

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Clean and Intentional
Web Design and Branding

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