How to Write Effective Ad Copy That Will Get People’s Attention

Writing effective copy that will get your potential customer’s attention could be a daunting task, especially nowadays where people are flooded with ads on their mobile phones. So, how can you truly grab their attention? Good, eye-catching, keyword-having, copy.

Unlike years ago where you simply had to give readers basic information, today’s marketing requires a personal touch- a little pizzazz if you will. So let’s go over the following example that will teach you the most effective method to reach your target audience.


Let’s just say there is a guy out there named Jack. Jack has a snow plowing company, let’s call it Jack’s Plowing. Creative right? K. Maybe not. Anyway, let’s start of with a simple exercise where Jack simply wants to enter the market by letting his local community know he is open for business.

Identify the Problem

First things first, we have to identify the problem that Jack is solving. What problem is Jack solving for the consumer?

Jack is plowing residential roads and driveways to alleviate the stress that typical comes in the winter time.

Determine the Keywords

Some keywords or phrases could be..

Snow plowing
Relieve stress
Relieve strain

“Avoid potential injury from shoveling…” (make sure you specific about how they could possibly avoid injury because if you say it generally it can bite you in the butt legally).
“Avoid the stress and strain” (this one is probably safer)

Creating a General Ad (As a Reference)

Taking our keywords/phrases, let’s make a general ad that informs others about about Jack’s business:

“Jack’s Plowing is here to relieve you of the stress that often comes with snow. We are stocked with newly equipped trucks, and our crew is trained to effectively remove the snow in your area without damage and in a timely manner.
We strive for excellence with every job we do. For that reason, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services!”

Ok…that’s fairly decent. But…where is the personality?

Let’s Add Personality!

Assuming our audience appreciates personality (who wouldn’t), let’s spice it up a bit by starting off with a more interesting opening:

“Ugh, not again… It’s snowing. Winter wonderland isn’t too wonderful when you’re spending hours shoveling.

That’s where we come in. At Jack’s Plowing, we will relieve you of the stress and the strain the often comes with the winter season. With our professionally trained crew and newly equipped trucks, we effectively remove snow in a timely manner without incidents.

We strive for excellence with every job we do. For that reason, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services! Now isn’t that better than dreading the little snowflake in the forecast?

(Add call to action)
Call us now at 555-123-4567 to sign up and rest easy this winter!”

Much better, right? It let’s the consumer know you exist while not sounding like a robot.

Bonus Tip

If you’re business has something DIFFERENT that makes you stand out from competitors start with that FIRST and let your ad focus be around that. What differentiates you from the rest is more important than simply letting people know you exist.

Example: Let’s say Jack’s Plowing has a new truck attachment called the Flexi-Claw that allows for a more concise snow removal so that residents have a lot less to shovel around their cars. START WITH THAT FIRST AND MAKE IT THE STAR OF THE AD.

It would look like this:

‘How would it feel to NOT have to shovel around your tires and just drive after a snow plowing service?

Pretty darn good….and warm!

We are proud to announce that Jack’s Plowing has the latest innovation in snow plowing technology- the Flexi-Claw! The Flexi-Claw is a truck attachment that allows that operator to rotate the claw up to 360 degrees directionally so that the claw could scoop snow at any angle.

The material of the claw is specially made to drastically reduce the chances of scratching your vehicle and completely bounces off your tires without harming them.

Our customers are RAVING about this new product because it saves them precious time! Join our list of satisfied customers by calling us at 555-123-4567 to sign up now!”


  1. Identify the problem your product solves.
  2. Use your product knowledge to create a general ad.
  3. Add personality.
  4. If you have a unique product offering, make it known first and write the rest of the ad around that.

Make sense? Good, because that’s all I got for you today!

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