How to Grow Your Business During COVID-19

The COVID-19 has slammed our economy as many businesses are forced to close temporarily or indefinitely. Employees have to seek unemployment insurance benefits and entrepreneurs are seeking assistance from relief programs.  It’s a tough time, but you don’t have to let it defeat you.  There are ways to make the best of the social distancing- ways to build connections that will organically grow your business.

Here are some ways to grow your business during the COVID-19:


Use your social media platforms / blogs to educate others about how the subject matter of your business is beneficial either during or after COVID-19.


In the midst of all the panic, empathize and reassure customers that we’ll all get through this. Do this WITHOUT selling your services.  Your posts should demonstrate your true concern for humanity.


Post a special offer that allows customers to buy now and use the service later.


    1. Makeup artist – Offering Ladies Night makeup application to celebrate the end of the social distancing.
    2. Leverage upcoming holidays – Mother’s Day is coming up soon, sell a package NOW that can be used when this whole thing calms down.

Network Online

Facebook groups is my favorite tool for connecting with others remotely. Don’t just look for groups where you can sell and be all spammy. Find groups with people who do what you do.  Contrary to popular belief, participating in a group of what would seem like your competitors can be advantageous because you get helpful tips and even referrals.

Partner Up!

A makeup artist can partner up with a photographer and graphic artist to create the ultimate bundle for those who are in hiatus now and need to rebrand or spruce up their business appearance. THIS is big because it also builds connections that is beneficial for all parties involved. Win-win. I strongly recommend that this bundle be offered at a discounted price considering the financial hit many businesses / entrepreneurs have endured during the quarantine.

When executing some of these tasks, do them in a manner that empathizes with the fact that it has been a tough time for everyone. Don’t sell in desperation. Remember the value you have to add in creating connections and helping as many people as you can.  Also, be positive!  Even if you don’t get immediate sales right away, know that this specific time was a time for you to grow which will ultimately manifest in your business.

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