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Dr. Pitts Relationship Fix

Therapist and Life Coach, Dr. Pitts, is launching her extended brand as a Relationship Expert. In her first endeavor, she wanted to launch her first Couples’ Bootcamp. So, I created a custom-designed landing page + funnel for couples to make a purchase. 

Then, I set up her email marketing platform- creating APIs for signups and purchases so she could communicate specifically to the people who made certain purchases from the site.

Service Received:

  • Brand Identity (logo, colors, fonts, brand patterns)
  • Landing Page + Funnel with WooCommerce and Mailchimp Integration
  • Mailchimp Welcome Email Design + Sequence
  • Photo Retouching / Recoloring
  • Flyer + Workbook Design

Lifeline Professional Coaching

Women’s Life Coach, Shakkie, needed a brand identity and website that demonstrated strength, empowerment, professionalism and trust. This project is one of my favorites because I was able to provide hand drawn elements to her brand package and she loves the results!

Service Received:

  • Brand Identity (logo, colors, fonts, brand patterns)
  • Mini Website with Calendly Booking Integration
  • Photo Retouching / Recoloring
  • Graphic Design / Banner Graphics

Diamond Herpanacine (Diamond Formulas)

Diamond Herpanacine is a family-owned business who needed a complete rebrand: Logo, products and website. I loved being able to give each product its own identity within the family of products. The result is a bold and modern take on supplements that are meant to attract and change the lives of those who use them!

Another part of the project was the website, which was a beast to migrate all their previous information and affiliate products, but it worked out and now they have a fully-functioning e-commerce site where customers can easily order the products they need.

Services Received:

  • Brand Identity – New logo, color scheme, fonts, icons
  • Product Label Design – New bold labels with custom product identifiers
  • Complete Website + E-Commerce

Dr. Lauren D. Pitts / Legacy Counseling & Life Coaching

Sports Mental Health Empowerment, Marriage & Family Coach Dr. Lauren Pitts needed a logo for her business and website that reflected her essential line of work.

Service Received:

  • Custom Logo for Legacy Counseling & Life Coaching
  • Complete Website with Podcast Feed
  • Photo Retouching / Recoloring
  • Graphic Design / Banner Graphics
  • Scheduling Integration

Two Smart Techs

This Audio / Video Installation Company needed a clear brand identity and website that caught the eyes of their high-end clientele. 

Service Received:

  • Custom Logo 
  • Complete Website 
  • Flyer Design
  • Scheduling Integration

Silk & Satin Body Essentials

I love projects like this! The owner of Silk & Satin Body Essentials wanted to go full blast with his business and needed a new logo, professional product photos, and a website that is beautiful and marketable.

Services received:



I’m personally a fan of this product, as it proves to effectively moisturize your skin in the toughest winter. So when I was approached to create the logo for it, I was excited.

“Refined” refers to more than the product but even what God does in our lives. The logo displays the purification process with the unwanted elements being pulled out of the “R.”

Starfury Productions

The production company was created to amplify the work of BIPOC and other marginalized communities so that their stories could be heard worldwide.

The logo represents healing, completion, and uprising.

They also received a Simple Website with Google Form connection with Custom video creation.

New Care Health Partners

Behavioral health is so needed today, and often times companies only focus on young children for early intervention. New Care Health Partners was formed to focus on teens and adults who have challenges related to autism, ADD, etc.

Service Received:

  • Logo + Branding
  • Complete Website
  • Job Application Function
  • Employee Dashboard with Instruction Videos

Orlett W. Photography

This is a beautiful portfolio website that I enjoyed creating because Orlett had beautiful photography! In addition to displaying her portfolio, we created an online store for her custom designed scarves.

Service Received: E-Commerce Website / Portfolio Website

Tanika Green Artistry

Professional artist, Tanika Green needed a website to showcase her work while making it easy for clients to book her services online.

Website features include:

  • Sophisticated Welcome Page
  • Schedulista Integration
  • Modern & Stylish Service Page with Easy Navigation
  • Portfolio always on display

Bake To Square One

This new specialty baked goods business came in with a strong brand identity, which made the web design a process a joy. So many cute elements added that we knew would work perfectly with the desired look and feel.

Service Received: E-Commerce Website with Custom Product Add-Ons, Bundling, UPS Shipping Integration, and Email Subscriber form.

Exclusive Nail Salon

This modern and stylish salon needed a website for customers to view their fabulous work and book all their desired services at the click of a button. 

Services received:

  • Brand Sheet
  • Complete Website
  • New Product Label Design for Shea Butter and Sugar Scrub

Whitney Pennington Rodgers

This talented journalist, curator, and storyteller needed a portfolio website where visitors would easily view her work through a video gallery.

Service Received: Complete Website with Video Gallery

The Law Offices of Michael Z. Goldman

Michael Z. Goldman needing a website upgrade. He wanted a more modern appearance in addition to improving the overall user experience. He wanted those who need assistance from his office to find the information and contact his office easily. So we made it happen. 

Cool point: He received his first inquiry within the first hour of launching the new website! 

Services received:

  • Wordmark Logo
  • Brand Sheet
  • Complete Website

Amanda Willis Photos

Amanda needed a website to display her great photography work. I took her existing logo to create a brand sheet and re-built a website theme that perfectly suits her brand style.

Services received:

  • Brand Sheet
  • Complete Website

Victoria Wefer, Soprano

Victoria reached out because her 7-year old website was in need of a revamp.  We decided to completely start fresh- new branding to go with her beautiful new headshots that aligns with her bold, spicy, fearless and sincere personality.  The result is something that we’re both excited about. 

Services received:

  • New Brand Color Scheme
  • Logo
  • Graphic design
  • Complete website (web design)
  • Marketing copywriting

Chef Risa Magid Boyer, Personal Brand

Risa Magid Boyer is an accomplished chef, restaurant owner, and cookbook author who needed a website for her personal brand.

Services received:

  • Logo
  • Graphic design elements
  • Complete website (web design)
  • Marketing copywriting
ipad and cell phone mockups of church notes

Church Notes

The Courtneys approached me about a project where they wanted to provide an easier way for people to capture sermons, messages, and lesson plans.  I’m particularly proud of this one because I was able to see it from idea to manifestation. 

Services they received:

  • Book Cover Design
  • Interior Page Structure
  • Preface copy
  • Promo Graphic Design
  • Marketing Copy
  • Pricing Assistance
  • Main / Store Website

Blu Planet Naturals

Blu Planet Naturals is an online natural beauty store. The company wanted a logo with colors that reflected healthy natural living. We are all very pleased with how it turned out!

Bite This.

Bite This is an existing blog written by one my very talented family members, and it’s based on her journey of eating healthy (vegan optional) as a millenial. The blog is currently on, but if she wanted to make her domain official, this is how I envision her site and overall branding.

Sazzon Season

Sazzon Season is a company that prints custom designs on various clothing items. Primarily sold via Instagram, the brand’s popularity and demand became so significant that they needed a fast and easy way for customers to place their orders. 

Services received:

  • Website
  • Online Clothing Store
  • Clothing Customizer
  • Marketing copy
  • Graphic Design elements
  • User Guide

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