Girl, Where Have You Been?

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I haven’t posted on Instagram or any other social media for my own business in months. And I’ve got my reasons.

The Problem with Social Media

I’m not exactly sure what the original intent of social media was, but it has certainly evolved since it launched many years ago. What was once a method to connect to friends and family, has become a monster in many ways.  People look to social media now to create false images of their lives, using “likes” and followers as the main method of determining their personal value.  Kids and teenagers are often confused as adults- wearing tons of makeup, unnecessary weaves and gyrating on their posts/stories.  The easy accessibility of conveying any unfiltered message on social media is the foundation of bullying, creating a widespread message that’s almost impossible for the victim to eradicate… and it’s rarely forgotten.

The Pressure with Social Media

Sure, social media a free (or somewhat free) method for businesses to market, but even that has become burdensome. Everywhere you turn, there are new templates, new features, and requirements to increase post visibility.  And while you strive to create meaningful content in a sea of other eager businesses’ posts, you are also competing with Jane Doe Business Woman who happens to not be wearing much while promoting her partnership with a certain brand.  And with that I was…

Too Much In My Head

Should I say that?  Does this make me sound like I know what I’m doing?  How can I use these additional IG features to increase my visibility? How can I incorporate popular and smaller hashtags into my caption?  In knowing that selfies generate more likes which will in turn increase my business’ exposure, should I schedule a photoshoot that I really can’t afford?  Is it worth it?

And that might seem like a lot, but that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.  My thoughts would be so inundating that it would cripple my creativity and ultimately made me HATE social media in general.  It’s too cumbersome and too time consuming- especially when you have small children.  I don’t want my kids seeing their mommy’s head buried in her phone all day while I miss important moments in their own lives.  It’s not and should never be THAT serious. Which leads me to my next point…


I’ve got a precocious toddler and another baby on the way. I was sick everyday the entire first trimester and experienced vomiting at least once per week during the second. The last thing I was thinking about is posting on social media.  I’m just trying to survive!  You expecting moms know how it is.


So that pretty much sums up why I’ve been missing. I do plan on returning to social media, but I want to post what I want to post without pressure. If people are feeling it, great. If not, it’s whatever.  But this particular season of my life, I’m simply not about that “social-media-dominating” life.  My real life and family is more important. I’ll do what I can and trust God with the rest.

Something to think about:

How have you been balancing the demands of social media and your real life?

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1 thought on “Girl, Where Have You Been?

  1. I totally feel you lady. I post when I want to post and it’s mainly meaningful content. At times, I feel pressure too, but social media these days does seem like a popularity contest and I’m not trying to impress anybody except my Heavenly Father. When you focus just One audience member, things are so much simplier.

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