How to Edit An Order in Processing Status

Login into your website on your desktop/laptop and follow the directions below. Customer names and addresses have been blurred-out for privacy reasons.

  1. Enter the order going to WooCommerce => Orders and click the customer’s name.
  2. Change the status of the order to “On Hold” so it opens the order up for editing.

2. Click “Update” in the top right to confirm the “On Hold” status.

3. Hover the product and/or the shipping to edit. You’ll see the little pencil to the right.

Edit Product
Edit Shipping

4. To Change the Shipping, put the reason for the change in the top line and then underneath, select from the shipping options in the dropdown, and click the blue Save.

5. Depending on whether you’re editing the product or shipping, you will have options “Add Product,” “Add Coupon,” “Add fee,” “Add Shipping,” and “Add Tax.” Once you make these changes, be sure to hit the blue “Recalculate” or “Save” button to save your changes.

6. Once you save the updates the order, go back to the Status and change the order back to “Processing.”

7. Then go back up to the Order Actions section in the top right, and use the dropdown to select “Email, invoice / order details to customer” or “Resent new order notification” to notify customer of the changes made to the order.

8. Click “Update” to Save the entire order. Once you ship the order out, be sure to process the order like you normally would.

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