How to Process a Refund in WooCommerce

Login into your website on your desktop/laptop and follow the directions below. Customer names and addresses have been blurred-out for privacy reasons.

  1. Access your orders by clicked “Orders” in the WooCommerce menu on your dashboard.

2. Select the order you wish to apply the refund by clicking on the name of the customer. (The customer name in the screenshot has been blurred for privacy reasons.)

3. Once you enter the order, scroll down and click the Refund button to start the refund process. Don’t worry, you will be able to select specifically what you are refunding in the next step.

4. Use the empty spaces to adjust the quantity of items you want to refund in the following sections (refer to the image below):

A. Edit the quantity of the refund at the PRODUCT level. The system will automatically calculate the sub-total.

B. Enter the AMOUNT of SHIPPING COST you want to refund.

C. Check the “Restock refunded items” ONLY if you intend to put the returned item back into stock. The purpose of this option is that WooCommerce will add that item back into your inventory if you are tracking inventory. If you don’t ever plan on restocking or have a digital product, leave the box unchecked.

5. Once you enter the quantities and verify the refunded amount which populates automatically in the “Refund amount” column, select the blue button containing the method you wish to APPLY the refund.

6. Scroll back up to the Order Status section and choose the appropriate status, which in this case would be “Refunded.”

7. After updating the status, click UPDATE in the top right of the order page.

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