How to Process An Order in WooCommerce

Login into your website on your desktop/laptop and follow the directions below. Customer names and addresses have been blurred-out for privacy reasons.

  1. Log into your website which is typically [yourwebsiteURL]/wp-login.php (no brackets)
  2. Find WooCommerce on the left side of your dashboard.

3. Click on Orders. You should see the number of pending orders in a red bubble.

4. On the Order screen, click the name of the customer to enter the order.

5. If you are not printing labels through WooCommerce USPS label system (the pink button above the order), continue to Step 6. If you are using WooCommerce USPS label system, use this guide.

6. Here’s a snapshot of the order screen. You’ll see all the order information that you need to ship your products.

7. To complete your order, simply change the “Status” from Processing to Complete. If there is a need to put an order on hold, you can also do that through the various options on the dropdown.

8. Once you change the status, make sure you scroll back up and click “Update.”

Closing / Completing Multiple Orders

  1. If you forgot to mark your orders as complete, simply go to the Orders screen. Check the top box to select all the orders OR simply check off the ones that are still open.

2. Click Bulk Actions and select Completed.

3. Then click “Apply.” (If you don’t do this, your selection will not save.)

4. You should see the orders you selected as Complete.