How to Process An Order Using WooCommerce Shipping

Login into your website on your desktop/laptop and follow the directions below. Customer names and addresses have been blurred-out for privacy reasons.

  1. Select WooCommerce on the left side of your admin dashboard, and select Orders.

2. Click the customer’s name to process the order.

3. Click the pink button “Create shipping label.”

4. Choose the correct address based on the postal service. (The origin address is populated from your store address listed in WooCommerce’s general settings.)

5. Verify that the shipping address entered by the customer is correct according to the U.S. Postal service or Google Maps. You either edit the address or use it exactly as it’s been entered by the customer.

6. Select the package type that you will be using for the shipment. WooCommerce Shipping will have default packages, but if you have a custom package with specific dimensions, follow these instructions at the bottom of this post to enter these specific packages as an option.

7. If the customer’s order requires more than one package, click “Move” next to the item you want to put in a different package. If not, leave it as is.

8. Select the other package where you plan on moving the item.

“Add to New Package” means that you will move it to a different package type than what you originally chose to ship the order.

“Ship in original packaging” to use the same package type that you originally chose. It does not mean it’s shipping in the same box as the other items.

9. Once you’re done, select “Use these packages.”

10. Select the shipping option that best matches what the customer paid for shipping, making sure that it’s the appropriate choice based on the product you’re shipping. For example, Media Mail isn’t always appropriate.

11. Select your label paper size on the right side.

12. Once you confirm the label size, add your credit card information so that the U.S. Postal service can charge you for the shipment. Yes, they keep your card on file and charge you for shipping and the customer is essentially paying you back once the order is processed.

13. After entering your card information check the box “Mark this order as complete and notify the customer.”

14. Click the button to print your label and your order will be marked as “Complete.”

Adding a custom Package Type

  1. Go to WooCommerce => Settings
  2. Then click the “Shipping” tab and “WooCommerce Shipping” which is underneath in blue.

3. Click “Add Package.”

4. Enter the package name and dimensions. Once your done, click the “Save Changes” button.

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