Instagram Stories for Engagement & Website Traffic

Instagram Stories is a feature on Instagram that like allows you to snap a picture or record a video, write text on it, pin text on videos and more.

Just like it’s competitor SnapChat, Instagram Stories disappears after 24 hours.  The major difference that makes it a winner is the various methods in which you can choose to promote your business, encourage engagement, and push traffic to your website.

Use Instagram Stories to:

  • Sell your product or services
  • Share your expertise
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Share exclusive content for special discounts or giveaways
  • Encourage sign ups to your email list
  • Create more transparency 
  • Get feedback via Polls
  • And more like sharing reviews and providing phone wallpapers

Let’s go more in depth with each method.

Sell your product and services

Take photos of featured products in the best lighting at the best angle. With the Instagram Story text feature, you can use different font options to compliment the image.  Use the color dropper tool to find the exact color that suits your brand or the image to draw the eye to your Story.

Then once you’ve edited your Story image, click the “link” icon at the top to connect the Story to a specific website link so that all they have to do is “Swipe Up” to start shopping.

Note:  The “Swipe Up” feature is only available to accounts with 10K followers or more. If you have 10,000 followers or more, you can connect your website link so viewers can swipe up and shop.  If you don’t have this feature, mention “Link in bio” and use the text feature to tag yourself so it’s easier for viewers to get to your profile.

Examples: Camille Rose Naturals & Sons and Daughters TV


Build anticipation for an upcoming product

Show an upcoming product in your Instagram Story to give followers a first-look and build anticipation.  Their feedback might even help you forecast the amount of stock designated for online sales.

Examples: Camille Rose Naturals giving a first look at their Super Foods Hair Vitamin before it has been released in the market.

Share your expertise

To further support your posts, you can create a short video talking about your specialty or address questions that people might have about you or your product.  

Examples: Fitness Professional and Former Ms. Bikini Olympia Natalia Melo doing a live video to show her followers how she’s losing her baby weight.  Also, a Biossance representative explains the science behind their beauty product.


Tip: You can also create longer videos and use the Storio app to split the video into to short continuous clips. Elevation Church is very skilled at utilizing this feature. So feel free to check them out to get a better understanding!

Answer frequently asked questions

Create Q and A images to educate viewers and establish your expertise.

Example: Barnett Marketing Solutions addresses a simple question on branding.


Share exclusive content for special discounts or giveaways

A great way to engage followers is to use your Story for a special offer or giveaway, using your post to tell people to go to your Story for an exclusive offer that will only last 24 hours. Creating urgency will get people to move. 

The offer can require them to tag their friends (to increase visibility and company awareness), sign up to your email list, and/or use specific promote code upon checkout.  

Example: Women’s CEO Project founder offers a special deal on her “Grow Your Business” ebook, letting followers know they only have a limited time.  Natalia Melo promotes a giveaway for one of her pregnancy ebooks.


Encourage sign ups to your email list

We can link the exclusive offer and email lists together here. So there are two ways you can do this.  

  1. You can simply mention that followers should join your tribe for special news and discounts with a Swipe Up / Link in bio option.
  2. You can tease the next offer that viewers might have missed by telling them to sign up to your email list. That way, they’ll have another way to get the discount even if they miss the story.

Examples: Fitness Guru Natalia Melo’s nutrition eBook release and Barnett Marketing’s Boss Brand sign up


Be transparent

Show your followers a behind the scenes look at your business or personal life, especially if it’s entertaining. This is what’s great about Instagram Stories– there are no branding rules and you show what you want.  Since it disappears in 24 hours, you have more flexibility to be yourself without worrying about deleting it later.

Note: People can screenshot though, so be careful!

Examples: Business Guru (1K-in-1Day) Nicole Walters showing her excitement in Whole Foods. Also, Biossance employees show a behind the scenes look at how they get the perfect product shot.



Running a poll is one of the easiest ways to engage your followers.  Show followers that you value their opinion asking for feedback in your Instagram Story.

Example: Biossance uses the poll feature to get feedback on the kind of tips followers want to see.

Customer Reviews and Wallpapers

Post customer reviews to your Story to gain credibility.  For the wallpaper, tell viewers in a previous post to hold down and screenshot. It’s a nice little gift to them, and they will continue to engage with you.

Examples: BootyQueen Apparel’s customer review and phone wallpaper. 


The Wrap Up

Using these tactics will definitely increase the level of engagement in your account and increase traffic to your website when used correctly.  My personal suggestion is to strategize, but also have fun with it!  I’ll even give you another tip: Create the Instagram Story graphic in Canva using dimensions “1080 x 1920” and store them in your Design Library.  And the Stories that take a lot of time to design, save and reuse them! 🙂


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